The main aspects we focus on are the return on investment, predictability, growth stability, and high quality of our solutions, in line with S.O.L.I.D. principles.

We’ve designed dozens of platforms and MVP solutions.
We’ve supported big and aware businesses by providing them with advanced web apps. We’ve audited hundreds of web platforms, gaining the necessary experience to be able to identify unusual vulnerabilities, reduce the platform maintenance cost even three times, and make apps run faster – and load in less than a second – within a mere several dozen hours.

We design

Requirement Analysis

The stage of identifying the needs of your business, crucial to the entire undertaking. The analysis makes it possible to develop the right technical and functional specifications, design the architecture, draw up a transparent work schedule, and determine the budget and the time frame required to launch the product.

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more than 40
requirement analyses performed

Implementation Strategy

We get to know your requirements and the processes taking place in your company in detail, and analyze the technical aspects of your product. Based on the collected information, we devise a strategy to enable a seamless implementation that delivers business value from day one.

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7 client projects
completed successfully thanks to strategy implementation

Product planning

Planning gives us a better insight into the target audience of your product as well as into their behaviour and needs. The activity makes it possible to specify the idea and design the final shape of the platform in a way to make it attractive to its users and support the achievement of the set business goals.

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8 live platforms
which were successfully launched to the market thanks to advance planning

UX design

User Experience design is a fundamental element of web platform development. It determines the quality of users’ experience with a given service; whether they are keen on using and trusting your solution and whether they become loyal. Good UX has a very big impact on the successful achievement of your business goals.

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80% of applications,
we’ve created features a comprehensive and advanced UX design

We create

Minimum Viable Product

An MVP version focuses on the key element of a solution. It makes it possible to verify an idea at a much lower cost than that involved in launching a fully developed platform.

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60 days
is the time we need to translate 90% of ideas into an MVP version of a platform

Full viable product

Arriving at a fully functional, end-to-end platform together with all the essential features. Addressing all of your requirements and creating a high-quality product based on comprehensive specifications.

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40 advanced platforms
created so far

Feature migration

Not all platforms are built or have been developed in the right way. An excessive technical debt, using outdated technology, or ill-considered changes of the course of action may make the further development of a platform difficult or even impossible.

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8 live platforms
migrated successfully by our team to new versions

We support

24/7 Support

Uninterrupted, extensive supervision aimed at ensuring stable and high-quality performance of the platform.

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up to 15 minutes
to react to any adverse events affecting the platform

Platform Maintenance

A quick, thorough, and extensive reaction to the ongoing and future needs of an application. A response to a platform’s needs resulting from e.g. the changes taking place in the market, new technological developments, or legislative changes.

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an average of 6 KPIs
monitored in the course of platform maintenance service

Feature Development

An advanced platform requires continued development in response to its users’ needs. Making a platform able to grow as expected, in a stable manner, by including new features is the key to staying competitive in the industry.

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nearly 70,000 features
which we’ve created or extended on our clients’ platforms

Crisis management

A crisis can hit anyone. A sudden infrastructure overload, platform breach, user data theft… We act quickly, and our goal is simple: to help you survive any web application-related crisis.

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under 4 hours
is how much time we spent on bringing a platform back to life after it experienced a sudden shut-down caused by a 20 times larger traffic than usual.

We audit


The loading time of a service is crucial to positive user experience. The longer the user waits for the content to load, the higher the probability they will leave the website before they become familiar with the information we want to provide them with. Not to mention the conversion rate.

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under 0,2 seconds
is the loading time of the sub-pages of the platforms we’ve optimized


Server infrastructure performance translates directly into the speed at which a web platform runs. The loading time of individual sub-pages may change depending, for instance, on the number of users visiting the platform at the same time.

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100/100 w PageSpeed Insights
is the score of most of the web applications we’ve improved


Scalability enables platforms to be developed to an unlimited extent in combination with ongoing business development. It makes it possible to increase the number of end users or to add new features while maintaining a fixed level of performance and stability, without requiring any additional costs.

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over 100 million items for videos
in the database of a system we’ve created; the system fetches data, analyses it, and provides the user with the results of its analysis on an ongoing basis.


Both platforms and server infrastructures are exposed to cyberattacks. Appropriate security measures are crucial to the existence of entire businesses. We know the significance of different aspects of security thanks to the experience we’ve gained from two perspectives – from the perspective of those who secure platforms against cyberattacks and from the perspective of those who breach clients’ platforms in a controlled manner at the latter’s request. This unique combination makes us able to say that we know everything about security.

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an average 80 hours
is the time we need to conduct a comprehensive security audit

Technological quality

A well-designed and correctly implemented platform can last you years while one put together hastily, with little effort, or with no consideration for quality may cause you problems every now and then. Increasing the quality level eliminates the technical debt and makes it possible to accelerate the development of your application and reduce the cost of its maintenance at the same time.

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full compliance with S.O.L.I.D.
achieved by our software house as one of the first in Poland to do it in the area of web platform design and development


The cost of infrastructure maintenance can be easily reduced while keeping the infrastructure highly available. The key is to select the right infrastructural solution and configure it as necessary.

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even up to 70%
of potential reduction in the costs of server infrastructure maintenance thanks to our optimization efforts


A platform shutdown caused by server overload may result in losing not only profit but also users. Such scenarios can be avoided by arranging for a sufficiently high level of platform availability.

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increase in platform availability, which made it possible for the platform to handle a larger traffic volume with ease

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