Platform maintenance

A quick, thorough, and extensive reaction to the ongoing and future needs of an application. A response to a platform’s needs resulting from e.g. the changes taking place in the market, new technological developments, or legislative changes.


To implement changes required by factors from outside the application environment and requested by clients. Quick and thorough handling of requests coming from various sources by making use of a comprehensive process of accepting and queuing tasks.

We’ll help you by:

  • expanding your development team by enhancing it with our specialists,
  • assisting you in managing the technical aspects of client requests,
  • supporting you in updating your software to make it in line with your business strategy and able to address market requirements and compliant with legal regulations,
  • queuing the planned tasks according to the actual order of priorities,
  • comprehensively managing your web application.

A service designed for:

  • companies looking to expand their IT teams,
  • enterprises considering changing their IT service providers,
  • companies interested in complete or partial maintenance of their systems – platforms or server infrastructures,
  • companies looking for a responsible and experienced partner in order to make sure that their platforms function in a stable manner and develop as expected and necessary.

Service delivery


Requirement analysis

We talk about the needs of your application. We discuss your requirements – whether you need complete or partial maintenance of your platform. You tell us if you need to boost the capacity of your IT department or to hire an entire team of specialists.


Process arrangement

We arrange the processes that enable the most effective maintenance of the platform by structuring, receiving, and queuing requests according to the adopted order of priorities. We determine the indicators we’ll monitor in the course of our cooperation in order to assess the effectiveness of our operations.


Platform maintenance

We maintain the platform in line with the arrangements made. We deliver the service with utmost care, implementing changes taking the priority of each task into account, measuring the levels of indicators on an ongoing basis, and providing you regularly with progress reports.

Webini in action and in numbers

about 100 thousand requests

we’ve closed successfully

an average of 6 KPIs

monitored in the course of platform maintenance service

7 client platforms

whose performance we monitor currently

Webini Implementations


Feature migration to version 2.0 of the system

Moving the existing platform to a new, clear structure 2.0. Complete elimination of technical debt, paving the way for scalability and arranging for an option to develop the system without limits.

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