Both platforms and server infrastructures are exposed to cyberattacks. Appropriate security measures are crucial to the existence of entire businesses. We know the significance of different aspects of security thanks to the experience we’ve gained from two perspectives – from the perspective of those who secure platforms against cyberattacks and from the perspective of those who breach clients’ platforms in a controlled manner at the latter’s request. This unique combination makes us able to say that we know everything about security.


To secure the platform and the server infrastructure against any possible cyberattacks. To adopt the necessary measures in line with the 360-degree security approach.

We’ll help you by:

  • conducting a security audit and identifying elements prone to cyberattacks,
  • conducting a black-box penetration test (controlled hacking) to find any weak spots in the system, 
  • analyzing the source code in search of any security errors or instances of application backdoors,
  • checking if the data sent by users can be intercepted,
  • checking if any unauthorized parties can access your system and infrastructure, and if so – how they can do that,
  • implementing the right measures of security against external threats,
  • improving your service’s resistance to DDoS attacks,
  • securing servers using highest-standard solutions,
  • designing and implementing the right security system.

A service designed for:

  • companies having experienced attempts of security breaches,
  • enterprises changing the key staff responsible for IT infrastructure security or their third-party providers of IT services,
  • companies storing user personal data or other highly valuable data in their systems,
  • owners of platforms processing real or virtual financial assets,
  • companies who have been delivered new platforms and wish to test the level of security they offer.

Service delivery


Need analysis

We get to know the condition of your platform and learn about the security level it offers. We talk about the requirements to be met. We arrange the scope of our audit and come up with estimates required to perform a security analysis.



Specjaliści ds. bezpieczeństwa IT prowadzą analizę według wcześniejszych ustaleń (audyt black-box, white-box lub grey-box), której efektem jest raport o zagrożeniach. Przygotowują listę elementów do poprawy wraz z priorytetem oraz metodą eliminacji zagrożenia.


Security improvement

Depending on the initial arrangements made, we provide your team with a complete document including a set of guidelines or engage our specialists to eliminate the existing threats. After the post-audit changes are implemented, we check the level of security again by re-testing your system.

Webini in action and in numbers

around 50 security audits

conducted in order to improve the level of security of platforms and server infrastructures

64% of successful platform hacks

when rendering the service based on the success fee model

an average of 80 hours

is the time we need to conduct a comprehensive security audit

Webini implementations


Feature migration to version 2.0 of the system

Moving the existing platform to a new, clear structure 2.0. Complete elimination of technical debt, paving the way for scalability and arranging for an option to develop the system without limits.

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