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24/7 Support

Uninterrupted, extensive supervision aimed at ensuring stable and high-quality performance of the platform.

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up to 15 minutes
to react to any adverse events affecting the platform

Platform Maintenance

A quick, thorough, and extensive reaction to the ongoing and future needs of an application. A response to a platform’s needs resulting from e.g. the changes taking place in the market, new technological developments, or legislative changes.

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an average of 6 KPIs
monitored in the course of platform maintenance service

Feature Development

An advanced platform requires continued development in response to its users’ needs. Making a platform able to grow as expected, in a stable manner, by including new features is the key to staying competitive in the industry.

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nearly 70,000 features
which we’ve created or extended on our clients’ platforms

Crisis management

A crisis can hit anyone. A sudden infrastructure overload, platform breach, user data theft… We act quickly, and our goal is simple: to help you survive any web application-related crisis.

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under 4 hours
is how much time we spent on bringing a platform back to life after it experienced a sudden shut-down caused by a 20 times larger traffic than usual.