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a software house where we design and develop advanced web platforms.

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    Everything starts from an idea. Tell us about yours.

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    Our experts will make your vision reality.

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    We support you in the continued development of your business.

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We’ve been supporting enterprises and startups in the pursuit of their business goals for years

We specialize in web platforms – advanced-level web services, portals, and applications. Combining ideas with the latest technological developments since 2012, we have addressed the business needs of many established and tech-savvy companies. Our expert assistance has made it possible for them to grow steadily because they have been provided with scalable solutions or had their existing platforms improved.

We’ve audited hundreds of web-based solutions, made a number of platforms perform better (quicker), managed crises, and implemented measures to guarantee the highest level of security.

We are a responsible partner at every stage of a web platform’s life cycle

We take up many challenges associated with platform development but we reduce them all to the lowest common denominator. In the case of every single project, of each stage of our operations, we focus on the actual return on investment. We look for the best path to follow and negotiate the idea in a way to make turning it into reality most profitable for your business.

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    8 years

    in the web platform market

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    over 600,000 hours

    spent programming

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    members in our team

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    in-house employees

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    successfully delivered projects

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    over 40

    platforms built

Biuro Webini
Biuro Webini Biuro Webini

How we operate

  • We gain insights

    We get to know your vision. We engage our internal specialists, who – based on their knowledge and experience – analyze the future project. We polish your idea together, prepare the plan of action, the cost estimate, and the schedule of work.

  • We plan

    We form a project team. We select specialists carefully for each project, taking into account the particular skills and abilities that will address the specificity of a given project best. We proceed with scrum activities and fill the backlog with the tasks to be performed.

  • We create

    We proceed with the arranged plan of action. We work in line with the Scrum methodology, which lets you continuously monitor and influence the direction in which your product develops. We keep you up to date about the options of making modifications and improvements. We continuously monitor the quality of the created solutions. There is always a Client Partner supervising and supporting the communication between you and our team.

  • We sum up

    We sum up the project together. After a given stage is complete, we analyze its outcomes. If you decide that the delivered product requires further support or maintenance, or that you want it to develop smoothly and on a continuous basis, we discuss the options of further cooperation and plan the next stage. We’re always ready to help.

  • We support

    We make sure that your platform works and develops correctly; that it performs at the highest standard. We create new features and improve the existing ones. We monitor the system processes and optimize them. We keep our eyes open for the technological developments taking place in the market.

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Values we’re driven by

  • Ikona żarówka


    We deliver projects according to - or often even surpassing - expectations. We plan our work in a way to deliver each project as quickly as possible and within the most optimal budget.

  • Ikona polubienie


    We work based on the scrum methodology, which translates into flexibility regarding your requirements and project needs. You can monitor the progress of work and control the budget throughout the entire duration of the project.

  • Ikona wyzwanie


    We want your business to grow and thrive. We’ll let you know if we come across some ways to improve your platform in the course of our cooperation - even if the relevant activity goes beyond the arranged scope of work.

  • Ikona ochrona


    We’ve been creating and developing only web platforms based on the best, proven technologies for years. We have substantial experience in building sophisticated applications for companies operating in different industries.

Kantyna Sala konferencyjna
Biuro Webini

Technologies we use

Our stack is composed of a set of hand-picked technologies. We deal with the most advanced and demanding projects using the DNA Framework - designed to build and support dedicated, scalable, and secure web platforms.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Logo Less
  • jQuery
  • Logo Requirejs
  • Angular
  • Logo Backbonejs
  • PHP7
  • Logo Phantomjs
  • Logo Wowza
    Wowza Media System
  • Node.js
Data management systems
  • MySQL
  • Percona
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • Mongo DB
  • Redis
Search systems
  • Logo Sphinx
  • Elasticsearch
  • RabbitMQ
  • Redis
  • Docker
Code quality
  • GitLab
  • Ghost Inspector
  • SonarQube

Our latest projects


MVP creation and platform extension

Building and extending a platform designed to analyze big data, collect information on the activity in social media and on the level of engagement with the published content from four independent channels.

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