UX design

User Experience design is a fundamental element of web platform development. It determines the quality of users’ experience with a given service; whether they are keen on using and trusting your solution and whether they become loyal. Good UX has a very big impact on the successful achievement of your business goals.


To make a platform’s UX comprehensive and user-friendly taking the needs and behavior of its users and the purposes and requirements the product is to fulfil into account.

We’ll help you by:

  • becoming familiar with the needs of your platform’s target audience,
  • adapting the platform’s features to the stages of user paths and to user’s expectations and habits,
  • designing a UX that will have a positive effect on the target audience and maximize the conversion rate,
  • creating, depending on the requirements for your product, wireframes, website roadmaps, product roadmaps, UX mock-ups or a clickable app prototype.

A service designed for:

  • companies and start-ups about to start providing their services using a web platform,
  • businesses intending to redevelop an existing solution,
  • companies seeking to offer positive experience to their target audiences,
  • platform owners who see problems with conversion rate or with the performance of the tool, which may be a result of poorly designed UX or no UX at all,
  • marketing departments responsible for brands’ interaction with customers.

Service delivery


Need analysis

We consult you regarding your requirements of the system’s features and interactivity. We consider the mechanisms which are to be featured in particular elements of the app. When we are asked to redevelop an existing product, we look into the existing UX of the service.


Getting to know the target audience

We get to know the target audience of your product. We create personas, set conversion points, combine the needs of the target audience with the adopted scenarios of behavior.


Project consultation

Based on the performed analyses and the already determined scope of work to be performed, we come up with a UX design. We consult you regarding the wireframes, the website and product roadmaps, the mock-ups, or the clickable prototype of the web app.

Webini in action and in numbers

over 1,200 wireframes

created for client platform purposes

80% of applications

we’ve created features a comprehensive and advanced UX design

an average of 5 working days

is how much we need to come up with a UX design

Webini implementations

Development of a marketing platform

Creating a fully functional marketing platform with dynamic adaptation of content to the behavior and needs of its users.

Let’s talk about your new project