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We’re experts in building
comprehensive platforms

Since 2011 we’ve been handling advanced-level projects for the most demanding industries. 

Our knowledge and skills are proven by over 40 delivered platforms, hundreds of audits, dozens of thousands of implemented and developed features.

If you work with us, you can be certain you work with the best experts in their fields.

An employee helping another employee
members in our team
in-house employees
8 years
on the market
projects delivered

We work for the success of companies and startups by
designing platforms

  • We’ve designed dozens of platforms and learned on the way what elements are crucial at the stage of forming and idea and translating it into the language of technology later on. The pursuit of your business goals is supported by experienced analysts, developers, and Linux system administrators.


    requirement analyses performed


    projects completed successfully thanks to strategy implementation


    of time saved thanks to advance product planning

  • In the course of our activity, we’ve created dozens of MVP platforms, which we’ve later upgraded to fully functional versions. We’ve supported big and aware businesses by providing them with advanced web apps. We’ve made unlimited development and technical debt payback possible by migrating the existing features to the clear 2.0 structure based on the modern, secure, and scalable DNA Framework.

    60 days

    is the time we need to create an MVP of an extended platform

    40+ platform

    fully functional platforms created by our team

    8 live platforms

    migrated to version 2.0

  • The technological quality we deliver enables unlimited, controlled, and measurable business development. Every day, we create features used by millions of users. Our caution and the processes we’ve developed have helped prevent crises from affecting the platforms we’ve built.

    7 platforms

    which we now monitor 24/7

    ~ 70,000

    features we’ve created or extended on our clients’ platforms

    15 minutes

    is our time of reaction to critical platform errors

  • We support existing platforms - regardless of whether they have been created by us or by third-party developers. We’ve audited hundreds of web platforms, learning on the way where to look for unusual vulnerabilities, how to significantly reduce the cost of platform maintenance even, and how to make apps run faster – and load in less than a second – within a mere several dozen hours.

    even 70%

    reduction in infrastructure maintenance costs

    <1 sec.

    is how short platform sub-pages take to load after our optimization efforts


    security audits performed

More about services

We deal with the most
demanding projects on an everyday basis

  • MVP creation and platform extension

    Gabriela Dudkiewicz - Partnership Manager w Viralstat

    It was the second project that we worked on together, so the level of Webini’s skill, professionalism, and engagement was not something we weren’t aware of. Webini consistently prove their worth at every stage.

    Gabriela Dudkiewicz, Partnership Manager
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  • Crisis management

    Krzysztof Frejman - właściciel Abilet.pl

    Webini came to our aid and dealt with a critical issue that paralyzed our platform in, like, 4 hours from the time we reported the problem (on a Friday evening!) Do I recommend working with them? Definitely!

    Krzysztof Frejman, CEO
    Check how we did it
  • AMP for Grupa Wirtualna Polska’s portals

    Krzysztof Pałka

    I am positively surprised by the fact that the project they implemented began to perform well so quickly.

    Krzysztof Pałka, President of the Software Development Department
    Check how we did it
  • Roadmapping of an internal tool

    Derek Bowler – Head of Social Newsgathering

    Webini did a very good job understanding what our needs were and also managed to point our attention to aspects we haven’t originally thought about. The documentation they’ve delivered was crucial for our Platform’s development.

    Derek Bowler, Head of Social Newsgathering
    Check how we did it
  • Creating a marketing platform

    Piotr Kwietniak

    Thanks to Webini’s ability to truly understand customer’s business needs, they are the only software house that is capable of co-creating your platform and not only of writing the code that’s behind it.

    Piotr Kwietniak, Marketing Manager
    Check how we did it
  • Feature migration to version 2.0 of the system

    Logo Tpay

    Their level of knowledge, vast experience and unparalleled dedication is second to none. We highly recommend Webini for any technical challenges your business might be struggling with.

    Jarosław Growin, VP
    Check how we did it
  • Speeding up the eCommerce platform

    Krystian Niedźwiecki

    I’m positively surprised by the fact that Webini’s team went the extra mile to deliver more than agreed on.. I’m glad to be able to say that Webini really does make the effort to ensure a positive customer experience.

    Krystian Niedźwiecki, Marketing Manager
    Check how we did it

We work using a full-stack framework

enabling us to build and develop the most cutting-edge, secure, and advanced web platforms.

DNA Windows

for 4 years

developed continuously


developers participating in framework development


requests per day


end users everyday

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We provide our clients with technical consulting services

in our office in Wrocław

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