Full viable product

Arriving at a fully functional, end-to-end platform together with all the essential features. Addressing all of your requirements and creating a high-quality product based on comprehensive specifications.


To enable the provision of services via a web application. To develop a tool that handles the tasks it is assigned and streamlines the existing processes.

We’ll help you by:

  • taking your idea through all the stages of platform development,
  • providing you with a pre-implementation analysis enabling the smooth development of the solution – if there are no specifications or if the specifications are incomplete,
  • selecting the most suitable technologies and planning all of the relevant processes,
  • designing the most cost-effective infrastructural solution,
  • developing and launching the production version of the platform.

A service designed for:

  • companies already operating in the online sector, wishing to extend the scope of the offered services,
  • companies wishing to offer new products or services in an attractive and interesting way, suited to the needs of the target audience,
  • startups who have found their ideas to have caught on and wish to enter the market with a stable product,
  • entrepreneurs determined to run their business in the online sector,
  • companies who wish to extend their service portfolio by including web platform-based services,
  • companies with a specific set of requirements for their product.

Service delivery


Requirement analysis

We support you in shaping the product vision and defining the business challenges we then help you overcome. We get to know the context of the product and your requirements in order to provide you with an innovative and valuable solution.



We create solutions tailored to your and your company’s needs. We design modules and the architecture in a way to provide you with the required software in the most effective manner.



Our managers and team arrange the schedule of work with you. We refine all the elements in a way to make sure that your product delivers as much value as possible when launched.



We fulfil your requirements by implementing tailor-made solutions. Our team operates in a fully transparent, agile, and flexible manner, based on the Scrum methodology. You’re able to influence the appearance and features of your product as well as control the progress of work throughout the entire duration of the project.



After quality testing, we launch the user acceptance testing version of the software. Next, after your approval and once any necessary changes are made, we launch the production version of the app. We help you choose the right environment and hardware. We assist you in the evaluation of the deployment and in the preparation of a plan of further development.

Webini in action and in numbers

about 750 working days

is the average time we need to build an end-to-end platform

over 8,000 features

to be found in the most extensive project we’ve delivered so far

40 advanced platforms

created so far

Webini implementations

Cisco makieta

Creating a marketing platform

Designing a fully functional platform featuring many innovative solutions, such as an option to perform A/B almost on the fly or a system of user identification based on e-mail address and cookie files – in three months.

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