Requirement analysis

The stage of identifying the needs of your business, crucial to the entire undertaking. The analysis makes it possible to develop the right technical and functional specifications, design the architecture, draw up a transparent work schedule, and determine the budget and the time frame required to launch the product.


Specifying the concept of the product and developing a pre-implementation analysis document. Developing the functional and technical specifications of the platform, the architecture design or a clickable prototype. Preparing the work schedule, determining the budget and the duration of the project.

We’ll help you by:

  • examining the needs of your business and its audience,
  • providing advice in the area of technological start-up,
  • specifying the concept and the purpose of your platform by engaging in joint brainstorming sessions,
  • coming up with a platform specification that will make it possible to talk about the final form of the product even before the planned development work starts.

A service designed for:

  • start-ups that intend to start offering their services via a web platform,
  • businesses expanding their portfolios by including online services,
  • companies planning a major expansion of their sites,
  • platform owners who wish to modify their web application fundamentally.

Service delivery


Requirement analysis

We specify the requirements for and the purposes of the product. We analyze the development plans taking any potential threats into account. We determine the areas of crucial importance to the achievement of the set business goals.


Solution selection

With the list of requirements ready, we develop the functional and technical specifications of the platform, design the system architecture, choose the right technology, draw up the plan of action, prepare a detailed work schedule, and set the budget.



We consult the created document with you. We specify the concept and talk about the final form of the platform before the development work begins.

Webini in action and in numbers

1-5 days

is how long it takes us to perform the analysis

50 specialists

ready to make your idea a reality

more than 40

requirement analyses performed

Webini implementations


Roadmapping of an internal tool

Performing a pre-implementation analysis for an internal tool supporting the effective performance of a team of newspeople and the automation of their everyday work.

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