Availability increase

A platform shutdown caused by server overload may result in losing not only profit but also users. Such scenarios can be avoided by arranging for a sufficiently high level of platform availability.


To make sure that your platform remains available and stable regardless of the circumstances.

We’ll help you by:

  • analyzing your current server infrastructure focusing on its design, settings, maintenance, and performance,
  • updating your application without any downtime,
  • configuring your platform in a way to make it quickly available regardless of the location it is visited from,
  • securing the platform in case of an infrastructure failure.

A service designed for:

  • companies who can’t afford any breaks in the functioning of their platforms,
  • owners of platforms processing real or virtual financial assets,
  • companies rendering their services on the basis of the SaaS model,
  • enterprises expecting increased web traffic volumes on their website,
  • companies planning to expand into further markets.

Service delivery


Need analysis

We talk about your platform’s needs that must be addressed. We perform a preliminary analysis of your system and infrastructure to see how much we can increase its availability. Based on this analysis, we estimate the actual return on investment in our service.



Our specialists carry out a thorough analysis of your current solution in search of elements that can be modified or improved. They prepare a list of guidelines and measures to be taken to increase the availability of your platform.


Availability increase

Depending on the initial arrangements made, we provide your team with a complete document including a set of guidelines or engage our specialists to implement post-audit changes.

Webini in action and in numbers


increase in platform availability, which made it possible for the platform to handle a larger traffic volume with ease

100% SLA

under which we’re ready to manage your platform within 60 working hours

100 thousand notifications per day

is the capacity of a notification system we’ve created; the traffic it handles has been distributed (for security reasons) over 5 server rooms

Webini implementations


Crisis management

Containing an emergency situation within less than four hours – restoring the platform’s full functionality after a paralysis caused by a twenty-time increase in the traffic volume.

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