Technological quality

A well-designed and correctly implemented platform can last you years while one put together hastily, with little effort, or with no consideration for quality may cause you problems every now and then. Increasing the quality level eliminates the technical debt and makes it possible to accelerate the development of your application and reduce the cost of its maintenance at the same time.


To improve the technological quality of your platform and enable it to be developed in a stable manner.

We’ll help you by:

  • auditing the source code and analyzing your solution using tools that support automation,
  • designing a strategy of implementation of source code review, meaning an ongoing monitoring of its quality and correctness,
  • implementing the S.O.L.I.D. principles into the existing code or creating a new code in line with these principles,
  • reducing the TTM for rolling out new features while maintaining a high quality of the code,
  • eliminating recurring errors,
  • reducing the time required to maintain the platform.

A service designed for:

  • companies that keep on using/offering faulty applications that feature errors in their production versions,
  • platform owners who believe that implementing new features in their solutions is too time-consuming,
  • enterprises planning to purchase or invest in companies whose core operations are based on web platforms,
  • companies who have been delivered new platforms and wish to verify the level of quality of the source code.

Service delivery


Need analysis

We get to know the condition of your platform and analyze the level of its technological quality. We estimate how much you can save by improving the quality of the source code. Based on the above, we decide if it’s useful for you to take advantage of this service – and to what extent.



Our specialists carry out a thorough analysis of your platform’s source code. They identify the areas that need to be improved in order to improve the overall potential of the system. They come up with a set of guidelines and a list of optimization measures, listing the significance and the priority of each element.


Source code quality improvement

Depending on the initial arrangements made, we provide your team with a complete document including a set of guidelines or engage our specialists to implement post-audit changes.

Webini in action and in numbers

full compliance with S.O.L.I.D.

achieved by our software house as one of the first in Poland to do it in the area of web platform design and development

over 20 clients

whom we’ve supported in the improvement of their source codes

dozens of thousands of code reviews

we’ve performed to maintain a high quality of the source code

Webini implementations


Feature migration to version 2.0 of the system

Moving the existing platform to a new, clear structure 2.0. Complete elimination of technical debt, paving the way for scalability and arranging for an option to develop the system without limits.

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