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Everything starts with a plan. At least it should.

Roadmapping enables you to identify where we’re headed, what the goals are and how they’re going to be delivered before writing a line of code. Besides being the right thing to do, roadmapping can and will save your time and resources for further development. Have you noticed how somehow reaching your destination point is always easier with a map?


Understanding your idea and how it is about the change the World is the key. The more we know, the better the chances for your to succeed. There are three types of people you always want to be completely open with – your lawyers, your doctors and your dev team.


Now that we know what is you want to achieve, its time to figure out how. We won’t make you build an airplane if all you need is a tricycle. We’ll transform your idea into several sketches and mockups representing various journeys your customers might take and we’ll make sure the one we select is the one your users will truly love.


Now that we know what we’re building its time to roll up our sleeves and get to work on the clickable prototype you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. Our development plan will also explain how far your idea is from its MVP and, eventually a final product. Be proud – you’ve just done work 80% of failing startups wish they did.

Web development

Forefront functionalities enabled by a robust code, wrapped in a beautiful, slick and user-centered design – that’s our recipe for web development. No matter how simple or complex, we’ll build your product with the highest attention and we’ll test it as if there was never to be a second chance to make a first impression.

Tech stack:

Mobile development

Web is our home turf. We love it, grew up to it and it remains embedded in our DNA. But let’s face it – some products were just never meant to be Web based. And when that happens, we dive all in to give your users the most unforgettable mobile experience through cutting edge solutions and creative UX. After all, your product is now in their hands. Literally.

Tech stack:

FinTech solutions

Knowing how to hack, means knowing how to protect. We design, build and maintain most secure, solid and powerful FinTech applications. Trusted by cryptocurrency exchange platforms, online payment providers, banks and blockchain project Owners.

exchange platform

Online payment
providers / processors


„Kites rise highest against the wind- not with it”

So you’re a startup company – we once were too. Let’s face it – it’s no walk in the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon. More like climbing K2’s East Face at night wearing flip flops. We’re here to carry your heavy equipment, so you can focus on reaching the top.


Using most handy and time effective tools to show all stakeholders how your product will be built and how the customer journey will be designed.


Let’s test the waters and discover how your target audience reacts to your Minimum Viable Product. No bells and whistles – core functionalities only.


If you got this far, it means your idea has been validated and the people want your app. Congrats! Now, let’s go all in and build the app the World is waiting for!

Staff augmentation

Sometimes all you need is just an extra muscle – we get that. Pick and choose from a wide variety of skills and levels of experience.


Wrapping the most complex and hefty chunks of code in silk and diamonds.


Because beauty is nothing without the brains.