Advertising platform ViralSeed.

The portal thanks to which brands can effectively promote their videos on the internet. The films are published on publisher websites and are promoted by social media influencers.





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20 000 000

ad impressions per month

90 000 000

global reach of users

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What is important to recognize

Advertiser’s functionality

The advertiser has at his disposal, among others:

  • creation of advertising campaigns for films on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook platforms
  • effective selection of users thanks to targeting after age, gender and country of origin
  • defining and monitoring the budget of the campaign
  • accurate campaign targeting management
  • statistics section that allows monitoring the progress of the campaign in real time

Publisher’s functionality

The publisher has at his disposal, among others:

  • managing your websites and social media profiles
  • selection of advertising campaigns in which he wants to participate
  • selection of advertising formats with which videos will be presented to users
  • statistics department enabling easy preview of the effectiveness of the activities carried out and the level of earnings

Video ad formats

The platform offers 5 advertising formats:

  • Video Embed
  • In-Text Video Embed
  • Video Overlay
  • Video Slider
  • Video Landing Page

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additional technology

Enables quick processing of millions of rows for the presentation of table views and statistics.

Enables us to maximize speed and performance of adserver (by completely eliminating database connections). In addition it is used as the main cache mechanism on the platform.

Interesting solutions

Video ad formats

Video landing page

Video promotion in 4 steps

Real-time campaign statistics

Effective campaign budgeting

Targeting users