Booking system for
Airport Hotel

Developed by our team through its ergonomics and aesthetics, encourages you to use the services of the hotel. Innovative and fresh approach to the presentation of services, makes hotel guests even before using the services, begin to feel the positive emotions associated with this place. The technologies used guarantee a reliable and fast operation of the website.

project details

What is important to recognize

Functional CMS

Website was built on Drupal CMS, which allows easy and quick content modification, regardless of the language version of the site.

Responsiveness through scaling

Website is responsive, regardless of the user’s screen resolution. The implemented mechanism simulates the zoom in/zoom out mechanism known from web browsers.

Registration survey

Survey available during registration, that allows a better understanding of users needs.

User identification by Cookie’s

Platform identifies users only by email address, eliminating the need to log in. Use of the mechanism is possible because no user data is presented within the platform.

Corporate email addresses

The platform verifies email addresses during registration to prevent registration using free or temporary email addresses.

what languages we used




Interesting solutions

Integration with Upper Booking Engine from Profitroom

Elements animation in 3D

Weather widget

Continuous photo presentation mechanism

Dedicated mobile version

Full support for user locations