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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all of your team members work in-house?

Yes, our entire team works in house at our Wroclaw based office. Remote work is only allowed in emergency situations and accounts for less than 5% of overall work time.

Fixed costs vs. time and material?

We’re experienced in the waterfall approach as much as agile, however its definitely the latter that we’re bigger fans of. Only agile approach really enables the team to deliver actual value to the project and its Owner. Waterfall approach gives customers a feeling of predictability and control, however that feeling is very illusive and quite frankly – false.

What is your experience with Blockchain related projects?

Among other, smaller projects – we have build one of Europe’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms that we are now providing an ongoing growth and maintenance for.

Most dev teams work on commonly known frameworks. Why do you use your own?

We operate on all commonly known and used frameworks as well. The reason behind crafting Webini Framework was not to reinvent the wheel, but rather make it even more functional and complete. There is a number of features within Webini Framework that no other framework provides.

What do I as a customer should know about Webini Framework?

One of Webini Framework’s value that seems to be appreciated by our customers the most, is how it enables you to minimize your app’s time to market. We’ve had projects saving up to 35% of development time thanks to our technology.

Will other developers be able to work on Webini Framework?

Absolutely! Our framework has been crafted based on S.O.L.I.D. principles which make the code extremely easy and convenient to work with. Chances are, this will be the cleanest and best structured code they’ve ever seen.