Search systems

We specialize in creating search systems for any data type. Each system is based on the Sphinx Open Source Search Server solution.

What is Sphinx
Sphinx is a full-text search engine based on the Open Source license. Its main task is to provide high quality as well as a reliable and quick process of searching any text data. Our company's goal is to prepare a solution that would allow for an efficient use of Sphinx to meet a particular goal.
Możliwe źródła danych
Natively, Sphinx supports the most commonly used database systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL Server, Oracle and other ones if appropriate connectors are available for them. Apart from database systems, Sphinx allows indexing files in the following formats: .xt, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx and .rtf. Sphinx can be integrated with a service with the use of a programming language, i.e. PHP, Python, Perl, C and Java.
Examples of use
Sphinx has countless possibilities of application. Below, there are a few:
  • content search engines for company websites
  • product browsers at online stores
  • parametric product browsers at online stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • auto-fill boxes for browsers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • systems operating based on tables i.e. different types of accounting catalogues
  • business, service or advertising directories
The biggest websites that implement Sphinx
The system development process
Each implementation which uses a search engine consists of the following stages:
  • defining functional goals of the search system implementation
  • determining requirements for required system speed
  • analysing an existing database structure along with propositions of changes or proposing a structure if it does not exist
  • preparing a complete work and implementation schedule
  • programming work
  • functional tests and verification of objective completion
  • system implementation
  • post-implementation support with an analysis of possible system improvements
realization examples
technology used