optimization of speed and performance of websites

One of our favourite activities is to speed up the operation and loading of web services! If your website is running slow or has performance issues, contact us!

What is optimization?
Website optimization usually means to repair the structure and source code of a website to improve its positioning in popular search engines.

However, we also optimize the site in order to speed up its operation.

Despite the continuous development of the Internet technology and the increasing speed of Internet connections, we must remember about the large group of Internet users who do not have the latest achievements of technology.

Moreover, visiting a website does not only mean downloading its content in a form of files (where speed is important), but also transforming the files by the browser into a form of a page that is viewed by the user.

The speed of obtaining an interesting piece of information is one of the key elements that have influence on the user's satisfaction when browsing the Internet.
Aspects of Web Acceleration
Optimization of website performance can be analysed in respect of:
  • an application source code
  • configuration of a runtime library
  • database optimization
  • web server configuration
  • framework configuration (if present)
  • implementation of optimization techniques for the frontend and the backend of a service
  • Each of these aspects has influence on the final speed of an internet service, although the weight of the influence depends on a particular site or web application.
    Scope of services
    Do you already have a website and want to speed up its operation lor check if it works at maximum possible speed? Get familiar with our offer:
    • website performance audits
    • locating 'bottlenecks'
    • web server and application configuration control
    • making performance corrections to accelerate website operation,
    • installations and configuration of modules that accelerate website operation
    By using our experience in optimizing the performance of web services, your website will accelerate to the maximum.

    We will deal with the issue of site performance by analysing a problem and making necessary changes.
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