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At present, the e-commerce industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. Create a store with our help or upgrade the one your currently possess!

Create your own e-store!
Online stores are currently the cheapest and the best retail and wholesale channels They provide sellers with access to several millions of potential clients in just one place. No other stationary business can offer that.

Online stores are no longer just a fashionable addition to physical stores, because companies have discovered their huge potential, such as reduced costs of ownership resulting in lower prices of goods. From the Client's perspective, convenience is the most important aspect - he can order every product without leaving his home.
Designing an online store
Designing an online store consists , among other things, in understanding the specifics of your industry and a thorough analysis of your needs. Thanks to information about market demand for your goods and an analysis of competition, we will design an online store aimed at maximizing profits from sales. We will offer you both proven, tested solutions and the latest, innovative ideas that allow standing out in a cluster of classic online stores.

For an online store, its graphic design is a key element - the so-called 'first impression effect' and user usefulness - not only during the search stage but also throughout the entire process of purchasing a product. One of the most important tasks today's online stores need to meet is to have as many returning clients as possible. For this reason, it is essential to equip a store with tools to increase client's engagement and loyalty i.e. promotion modules, loyalty programs and discount coupons

An online store is not only pages a client can browse through. It is also the administrative panel. It contains all the tools you need - from product pricing, through inventory management and invoicing - to advanced reports and settings.

Our e-stores are created using the latest technology , that is always available to every potential Client. The functionality of our stores is unlimited. You will receive a product that meets the requirements of the most demanding customers.
The Prestashop solution
Most of our stores are based on proven software called Prestashop. Thanks to the Open Source license, we can fully customize the store to your needs, while reducing costs of its creation, whereas the multitude of ready-made modules will enable a quick expansion of its functionality. If ready-made solutions are insufficient, we will be happy to create custom modules for Prestashop.
Advanced solutions
In order to meet your expectations, we create dedicated solutions for stores that are perfect when:
  • the store has a large product base (service of millions of products possible)
  • a single product has a complex specificity
  • it is necessary to maintain perfectly synchronized data between different systems
  • the store will be integrated with external CRM or ERP systems
  • a parametric product browser is required
  • the store will be equipped with an advanced search system such as a natural search process
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