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Websites are the basis of existence on the Internet. Content Management Systems are used to manage and edit them.

Our philosophy
The content management system is always matched to specific needs of our Clients. This way, we offer unparalleled system performance which directly translates into satisfaction of users who visit our page. Our competition does not offer such an option.
Management panel
The panel, thanks to which the content of a site is modified , is developed according to our Clients' needs and wishes. All changes made through the panel must be done quickly, simply and intuitively, in accordance with the content management systems.

If the content management system is not available, it is required to employ a person with knowledge of IT issues. In our opinion, such a situation is unthinkable.

The CMS personalized by our company does not contain huge amounts of unused modules that will only slow it down and cause a mess in the administrative panel. Modifying the content on your website using our system is a pure pleasure.
CMS Drupal
Websites we have made are equipped with Open Source CMS Drupal. Its use helps to reduce costs because the service requires only adjusting its functionality to Clients requirements.

Standard features of the Drupal content management system:
  • full service management using a powerful administration panel, i.e. modification of sections, modification of pages and subpages, content management and adding multimedia
  • reusability of content in different sections
  • a template system that allows a problem-free replacement of graphics
  • limited access to content for registered users
  • site editing using the WYSIWYG editor (natural content editing),
  • a possibility of an easy installation of additional modules such as news, forums, contact forms, photo galleries, newsletter, calendar and thousands of other modules
  • high system performance with the built-in modules to create temporary copies
  • full SEO support
  • a high level of system security
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